Photographer – Kate Bowman

In response to a changing retail landscape this client sought to use newly acquired space to reinvigorate and expand their current retail offering and provide customers with an innovative, experiential retail space.  As South Australia’s oldest and largest independent family owned bookshop the owners wanted to provide a shopping experience that inspires the imagination, sparks conversation and triggers memories of childhood stories.

Customers are drawn into the store by the promise of something exciting.  The retail areas extends over 2 levels with a rope bridge guiding the way to a large central playful dream tree, designed to represent wonder, growth, fairy tale and learning.

Encapsulating a sense of adventure and stimulating imagination, themes reminiscent of an enchanted forest and storytelling are in abundance. From dreamy forest walls, to rainbows, clouds on the ceiling, and giant leaves on the floor, this is both a child’s and adults escape from reality. Little nooks tucked between bookshelves are complete with giant pebble seats.

The versatile and playful joinery facilitates a wealth of visual merchandising options. Details are carefully considered to add to the retail experience. Colours and shapes are vibrant and fun, including a stepped counter for little customers.

This space demonstrates the value of a physical connection within the retail environment. It is an investment into providing customers with a special space, a place where one’s imagination can roam free.