Barry’s Burger Bar – Semaphore

Barry’s burger bar in Semaphore was created with a nod to the traditional beach burger bar. Working in collaboration with Prana Studio who established a branding and design derived from the patterns of beach flags. These graphics were reflected into the design of the space with the feature bulkhead mirroring the packaging. The brief was old school true burgers and food, getting back to the burgers you used to get and eat on the beach. Reproducing the old school kiosk style of pass through windows and fluoro lighting we worked to create a space that was old school with a modern twist. The materials used were raw, strong and simple. The space was all about takeaway eating with high bar seating with custom designed tables. The use of greenery on the outside of the building was to soften the building and to frame the interior from the outside.

Graphic Designer – Prana Studios
Photographer – Jonathan VDK