Ballroom – Semaphore Palais

The Semaphore Palais has undergone a staged renovation of it’s Bistro and Lounge bar. The first part of the renovation was to turn the weekend events ballroom into an everyday bistro. The brief was to turn the large cold space and into a warm inviting place where patrons of the Semaphore Palais wanted to dine. The owners of Semaphore Palais realised that there was so much potential of such an amazing room and customers were just missing out. We adapted the 1930’s Art Deco building into our design by using a number of features which reflected this period of design. We established this with our use of material palate and feature carpet. The gold trimmings and dark Wenge timber helped achieve this look, whilst the beautiful blue lifted the space bringing the outside in. We took in features that were already existing within the space and highlighted them. We used large pot plants to break up the expansive space. The number of brass feature lights are brought out by the existing red brick and create beautiful reflections within the space.
The renovation has created a whole another view port of Semaphore Beach as now they are able to sit inside and see through windows or reflections through mirrored surfaces of Semaphore’s beachline.


Photographer – Jonathan VDK